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VT July 2015 Nic VGG-7Nick Kekic and his wife, Tamasin, built Tsuga Studios in 2000 on land that had been in Tamasin’s family for generations. Tsuga Canadensis is the scientific name for Eastern Hemlock tree, of which they harvested many on their site, milled and used for the lumber in their new building. Tamasin, who has studied Wildlife Biology, suggested the name for this new place to live and work. Years later it is that, as well as a space for exploring and developing new techniques and design ideas while working to market and promote their work.

A perfect addition to any marble collection, our Squarbles™ are unlike any marble you’ve seen. We make these square marbles using traditional cane techniques, casing the colored glass rods in clear glass.



They are sure to bring a smile and a curious touch. While not so good for sport, they are perfect as a small paperweight, a worry stone, stocking stuffer, or a place card holder. Made in glass because it’s a tactile design for the hand and an optical experience of interest for the eye – only in glass. They are even an unusual audible experience in glass as they are most fun rattling in multiples.

Durable and now available in two sizes: the original at little over an inch cubed, and the new large, at almost 2 inches cubed. Many color combinations available so leave a comment with your color request(s) during checkout. Or contact us to discuss color options.

The Rolling Decanter is designed to enhance the quality of red wine for any wine enthusiast. It also happens to be a lot of fun to use!

Rolling Red Wine Decanter
Rolling Red Wine Decanter

A Tsuga Studios classic, this Rolling Red Wine Decanter is not only a great design for its ability to help wine breathe more effectively. It’s also a beautiful object unto itself, retaining the decorative elegance found only in blown glass. Like most wine decanters, pouring the wine into the wide waist of the form allows more surface area of the wine to reach the air than when left in a bottle. But unlike other decanters, this rolling design is unique in that when in use, the wine rolls inside the decanter gently folding more oxygen into itself, allowing the red wine to breathe more effectively.


As seen in Food and Wine, Boston Globe Sunday, and Yankee magazines, this decanter comes with a clear acrylic stand and card describing its use and care.