Rob H. Aft

Photographing Change
“You can never step into the same river twice, but take a picture of the river
and that moment is yours forever.” – Rob H. Aft

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Rob has always been fascinated with change. Observing and photographing small and large changes near his home in Landgrove forces him to constantly confront the beauty and inevitability of change in the natural and man-made worlds.
A resident of Landgrove, VT and Los Angeles, CA, Rob has the good luck to be able to travel and take pictures around the world. His photos from Kenya and Nepal have appeared in exhibitions in London organized by International Alert and his photo of South African performance artist, Robin Rhode, appeared on the cover of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s magazine. Though not a commercial photographer, his photos have been used in promotional materials by the Colombian Film Commission, musicians, cultural institutions such as Olvera Street in Los Angeles and non-profits including several homeless services agencies as well as being featured in the New York Daily News.