Some ideas for the holidays and stocking stuffers!


untapped-40a-600x600 untapped-70 Born and raised in New England, preaching the gospel of maple syrup has been a passion of mine for years as a globe trotting professional cyclist. Knowing that maple syrup is one pure ingredient, and soon after learning that maple syrup is an incredibly wholesome, enriching ingredient, it didn’t take long before it was fueling my rides.
–  Ted King


Silk Scarves | Long Scarf (16″ x 72″)

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Each whistle is ½ to 1”, plays 3 notes, and can be ordered strung with a single bead on waxed cotton ($25-$40) or with multiple ceramic beads (earth tones or multi-color).

The word “whistle” implies one note, and an ocarina plays more than one note. However, I love the familiar and playful sound of “whistle” and so use it to describe all of my pieces though all have multiple notes.

The tiny necklace whistles play a high pitch, 3 note bird-like tweeting sound and the larger pieces play progressively lower pitches.

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The shakers are hand formed from porcelain clay,  with a rubber stopper on the bottom for filling the shakers, and three or four delivery holes for the salt or pepper.  These holes are large enough for sea salt or other designer salts or spices.  Mix and match to create your own set.

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Tiles is a curated collection of paintings, by some of the most acclaimed artists, that have been reproduced on high quality ceramic tiles. The images are dyed into a polymer coating on the tile which produces an extremely vivid and durable image. The tiles come with protective bumpon pads and can be used as trivets or display pieces.  If you cannot visit the gallery, you can order these online through Artist Gallery Tiles.

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